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Tim is available for fly tying demos, classes as well as the following presentations - in person or via ZOOM or similar platform. Contact us for pricing and availability!

Trout Spey

Trout Spey is nothing new, it’s just a more effective way to swing flies like streamers, soft-hackles and classic wets. Yes, you can use it for nymphing and dry fly fishing, but swinging and stripping is where trout spey works best. The real difference comes when you employ either single-hand or two-hand spey casting techniques. These make for no back casts to worry about, much longer casts, easy, fast changes of cast direction, more effective mending and generally more relaxing fishing. Presentation is largely video-based but includes an equipment show-and-tell at the end. 


From the basics to advanced techniques. Presentation will illustrate how to get started by converting a standard trout rod, say, a 9’ 5 weight into a functional Euro-Nymphing set-up and the multiple steps that can be taken after that to produce an advanced outfit. Presentation will cover not only equipment, but flies and on-stream strategies and techniques as well.

Secrets of the Ken Lockwood Gorge:

The Ken Lockwood Gorge on the South Branch of the Raritan River in Hunterdon County is one of New Jersey’s premier trout fishing locales. The gorge is beautiful, has both wild and stocked fish, and is open to anglers year round. As a result, there are often crowds and the fish get pressured. Fortunately, there are some tips, techniques and things to look for that’ll help you to catch more fish in these difficult conditions. The presentation will include video of the gorge, its water, the bug life and the flies we use to imitate it. 

Night Fishing

Tim's presentation will be on fishing after dark. At certain times of the year, fishing after the sun goes down can be spectacular and the chances of hooking into a monster are better than any other part of the day. Fishing in the dark does take some getting used to but with a few tricks, some basic equipment and minor modifications to technique, it can be an absolute blast. The presentation will include a wealth of video shot recently and over the last couple of years and yes, it includes plenty of big fish.

What Trout Like to Eat & Flies to Feed Them:

This presentation will include video of aquatic insects, bait fish & crustaceans trout eat to survive and the fly patterns we use to imitate them



A trip to Patagonia should be on every fly fishers bucket list. The fish, the food, the scenery and the warmth and humor of the people are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Tim’s video based presentation, shot in stunning 4K resolution, will make you feel like you’re there! It includes footage of his experience during his first trip to the region and perhaps explain his zeal for returning annually. Big fish, big country, big meals that you have to see to believe. 


Kootenai and Yaak rivers:

The Kootenai and Yaak rivers of northwestern Montana don’t get the recognition that others in the state like the Madison and the Missouri do. This is actually a good thing. Imagine five days of fishing from a drift boat without seeing another one on the river or wading miles and miles of a crystal clear alpine stream and never seeing a soul. That’s what fishing is like on the Kootenai River and the Yaak drainage with the Linehan Outfitting Company. Presentation is entirely video-based.

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